Jan 21, 2019

On Tour With Beck

To make a long story short… I found myself on part of Beck’s tour through the US. The first couple shows I simply sat back and enjoyed the spectacle. But with my camera in tow, I figured I might as well use it. After granted permission, I was given free reign to run around where I pleased to capture the show. I don’t do it often, but shooting live performances has always been a fun creative challenge for me as a photographer. Everything is constantly in motion, lights always changing and the subjects never stagnant. Patience is valuable in this situation… sitting with your eye glued to the viewfinder framing the shot you want and waiting for the light to hit at the right moment. If you’re lucky all the variables will come together to create an compelling photo... something that isn’t easy to do at a concert. After seeing the show a handful of times I learned what to expect when and positioned myself accordingly to get the shots I envisioned. It was fun to take something that gets shot so much and attempt to create images that were a little different. Here is a collection of photos from a number of shows I shot.