December 5, 2016

Live Fast Summer Tour - Dubrovnik

I was lucky enough to be picked to join Vivianne Lapointe, the founder of Live Fast Magazine, on this past year's Live Fast Summer Tour along with photographer/filmer Ali Mitton and model Chelsea Schuchman. On this trip that spanned 14 days we started in Istanbul, ventured through Turkey and eventually ended up in Croatia. I have to be honest, even though I am good friends with all these girls, I was a bit concered about the idea of 4 women being together 24/7 for that span of time travelling through places none of us had been before. However this trip ended up being absolutely incredibly and only brought me closer to these incredible ladies, appreciating what each of them had to bring to the table in their own way. 

For the last portion of the Summer Tour we ended up in Croatia. My visit there was short... only spening a day and a half in Dubrovnik as I had to get back to Los Angeles for another shoot. But the little time I had there I was able to fully explore this town contained inside the walls of a castle.