What I'm Liking: The Quiet Life

I don’t know if The Quiet Life found me or if I found them… but regardless I am a fan. I think it was originally their Camera Club that attracted me to the brand… a collection of images I was inspired by and related to. When I was starting out as a photographer they posted one of my images and I have been onboard ever since. Eventually I became acquainted with the founder, Andy Muller… an art director at Girl Skateboards who decided to branch out and create his own brand. For each collection The Quiet Life creates a very limited series of products (focusing on hats) that seems to always sell out in minutes. I’ve never been a fan of sometime simply because of the hype… I respect The Quiet Life because of their simplicity and attention to detail, but also for their appreciation of photography. Andy has continued to send me a bit of product every now and then and I try to take some photos with it to keep the creative juices flowing. The pics inside this post are a collection of some of my images over the years. I also shot one of their very limited collection “Grizzly Cliff” which was featured on Hypebeast and beyond.

If any of you happen to live in LA, I highly suggest you check out their new retail space in Highland Park… tell them I sent you.