September 4, 2016


A little while back I was tasked with documenting the scene around LA Men's Market for a feature on Hypebeast. LA Men's Market is a trade event in downtown Los Angeles showcasing the best of menswear brands in action sports, contemporary, lifestyle, streetwear, and footwear... in an effort to put Los Angeles on the map as an important epicenter for fashion and culture. With New York City generally being considered as the hub of fashion in America, this article on Hypebeast was questioning if Los Angeles could be the next focal point in this industry. I spent my two days at the show documenting some of the top representatives in men's streetwear as well as some of the best-dressed characters in attendance of the event. Whether you are into fashion or not, I suggest you give this article a read focusing on the budding industry in Los Angeles and how the city is evolving.




Caleb Lin (Executive Vice President) and Daniel Oh (Men’s Buyer) of American Rag
Bradley Soileau (Founder) of BLACKFIST
Bradley Soileau (Founder) of BLACKFIST
Bradley Soileau (Founder) of BLACKFIST
Sannia Shahid, Operations of LA Men’s Market
Josh Vides (Founder) of CLSC
Josh Madden
Gus Cawley, Marketing of LA Men's Market
Kellen Roland (Founder) of NTWRK and LA Men’s Market
The brains behind LA Men's Market