January 30, 2017

Forgotten Film


Getting an old roll of film developed always feels like Christmas… with the stakes of either unwrapping coal or a brand new car, you never know for sure what you are going to get. For me I tend to capture my more spontaneous moments in life on film, since the film camera I use is a small Contax T2, allowing me to bring it along wherever I go. So when I get those rolls developed, I return with literately a snapshot of my life covering not only those “picturesque” scenarios but also some of the more raw aspects of life. The photos on this particular roll of film include everything from the most remote places in Iceland, to partying with friends in LA, as well as a quite intimate self portrait of the emotion I was feeling after getting my heart broken. Fans of film tend to like it because of the imperfections the film itself lends to the images. I also appreciate film for the imperfections… but for those imperfect moments of life that I gravitate towards more while shooting analog. In life, like film, our flaws add character.