What I'm Liking: Lomography Neptune Lenses

Lomography tends to be known for their selection of quirky analog cameras and unique film... creating results that vary greatly from what digital cameras capture these days. Well, expanding upon their originality and appreciation for analog photography... they have been coming out with different series of lenses that can be used on DSLR cameras. I'm fortunate to be included in a select list of photographers they reach out to to test out these lenses before they are released to the public. The latest setup they had me try out was the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System... which included a 3.5/35mm, 2.8/50mm, and 4.0/80mm... all usable on my Canon 5D MarkIII using their adapter.

I spent 2 weeks with these lenses, taking them along with my usual kit. They are all manual focus, which I actually enjoyed quite a bit... forcing me to engage with my camera more than I usually do shooting auto-focus. The images accompanying this post were shot in Mexico and Joshua Tree, California. I was pleasently surprised with the results... definitely a different look than you're run-of-the-mill digital lenses. You can pre-order a set here through their Kickstarter campaign.

Lomography also did a little interview with me about my first impressions using the Neptune System which you can check out here.

The lenses