How To: Give People Shit

Over the years I have accured a list of people interesting folks that I consider friends. To take advantage of these characters that have made their way into my life I figured I would do a series of "How Tos" with them that highlight their areas of expertise. For the first edition I brought on my good friend and iconic skate photographer Giovanni Reda. When I was younger I would always watch the "Wednesday With Reda" series on The Berrics. Reda would film from his POV and give pro skaters so much shit... it was raw, he had the ability to break down these larger-than-life figures and showcase their true personalities. Fast forward to years later, I was the online editor at the Berrics and would have occasional run-ins with Reda, always hoping he wouldn't make fun of me. Over the years we have become close friends... so I figured I would ask him to break down "How To Give People Shit". Dig into his tips below.

Words: Giovanni Reda

Giving someone shit is a very tricky thing. There is a fine balance and it takes finesse and the possibilities of getting punched in the face are real. So if you’re going to attempt to embark on this voyage, be prepared for what comes back your way. Remember every action has a reaction.

Step 1: Who are you giving shit to?

This is an important first step. Maybe some guy that’s half drunk at a bar that you don’t know isn’t the first person you should try this on. I suggest a loved one, some one you know you can quickly apologies to or someone that would be forgiving towards you. Basically someone that isn’t gonna punch you dead in the eye and swell your head up for week straight. I’d try your mom, significant other, or close friend.

Step 2: Your subject, what are you giving shit about?

You don’t wanna dig into some painful subject that’s going to harbor ill feelings or try and destroy someone’s life. NO! that is wrong. That’s were you catch a boot to the nuts or a right cross to the jaw and you’d know you’d deserved it. Maybe something very surface like the way some sleeps or the way they comb their hair, or chew there food. Something you can rip on a bit, but back out easy. Example: “ are you really gonna take up the whole bed? I mean what’s a guy gotta do to get a half a foot of space here? I mean I can sleep on the dog bed if that’s better for you” See easy, Nice, busting balls a bit, but nothing too crazy.


Step 3: Keeping it going without it getting old and annoying.

This is a gray step. I mean you have to push and see what kind of push back you get. You wanna be able to keep pushing the button just enough where its funny but not over the top where it’s annoying. This is known as the sweet spot. This is also known as the bloody nose spot as well. It takes a seasoned vet in shit giving to find the sweet spot and dwell there long enough and knowing when to get out. This is most difficult to achieve.

Step 4: the re up.

Re upping on the shit you already gave someone and making it a bit new, a bit more material and a bit funnier that’s not the same mundane shit all the time. Again, very difficult to achieve and very difficult to make it last. You may have to space it out and not always bring it up you know. Cause you don’t wanna be the person that shows up to your Sunday brunch and everyone at the table is saying “ Here come this mother fucker right here.” Then you’re not the fun person that people are looking forward to seeing but you’re just a dick.

Step 5: Practice, practice, practice!

Like all things it takes years and thousands of hours to get good at something. So you’re always gonna wanna try to give shit whenever you can. You’re not always gonna knock it out of the park and you may catch a beating in the process but you’ll never find the lines if you don’t step on them once in a while. Remember it’s important to apologize if you do. But if you do apologize then you’re just a bitch ass in the first place and you never should have even started on this anyways. See that, I just gave you shit and I don’t even know you.