SOLO: A Guidebook For Traveling Alone


SOLO is photographer Laura Austin’s guidebook to solo travel. Focusing on the cerebral experience of being a lone woman on the road, SOLO reads like part photojournal, part travel diary.

Full interview about the book on Live Fast.


"A refreshing take on travel. Part photojournal, part travel diary, SOLO presents a cerebral look at the realities and side effects of traveling alone. Traveling is an opportunity to know yourself better and awaken qualities + skills you don’t reach for day-to-day. Lone travel is an ideal way to confront all that stuff you’ve been avoiding when it’s just you and the road. Packed with gorgeous images, a handy checklist, a roadmap to consciousness and a culmination of personal insights from a well-seasoned traveler" - Goop

"A quick book on traveling solo. Absolutely stunning. I look at the photos and design of this book sometimes, and I want to wrap it around me. Lovely. Inspiring."

"The perfect gift for the wanderer, this beautifully illustrated book is rife with thought-provoking insights from Laura Austin’s solo travels around the globe. Expect a mix of glossy photographs, handy checklists, and inspiring quotes packed into one easy, fits-in-your-duffel guide." - Urban Outfitters

6 x 9

92 Pages

Perfect bound

Published by Live FAST Media LLC

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