July 9, 2018

Drawn Out Coversations

As a frequent road tripper, I am addicted to podcasts. Particularly on my solo trips, the hosts of my favorite podcasts become my best friends. These days we are fed content in such an abbreviated format through platforms like Instagram. Sure a photo is worth a thousand words… but there is so much more to the story that can’t be told through a single image and a short caption. I think that currently podcasts are the greatest avenue to dig deeper. These days our attention spans are depleting, so in a day where most people won’t take the time to sit down and read an article (I’m surprised if you’ve even read this far)… podcasts at the best outlet to have a more informative conversation. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on a few different podcasts… Women On The Road (from She Explores), Campers In Vans Getting Coffee, Monkeytooth Podcast and EF Outbound.


Women On The Road is a podcast the comes from the great people behind She Explores. This series highlights life on the road from a feminine perspective... a story which isn’t often told. In this episode hosted by Laura Hughes, I dig into what motivated me to start my tradition of traveling alone, what I gain from these trips, and how I overcame the stigma against females setting out on their own.


Campers In Vans Getting Coffee is a series hosted by Travis DeRose where he profiles different people who embody the “Van Life” movement. I talked to him while I was in the middle of my two-month country around the United States in an Airstream Nest. We discuss my route, highlights from my trip, and dig into the logistics of traveling with a trailer… and of course, solo travel.


The podcast EF Outbound comes from the folks at Education First… this series specifically highlights transformative travel stories… accounts of how travel has changed people’s lives and perspectives. In this episode I discuss my first trip to Iceland and how that adventure influenced me to quit my desk job and become a full-time photographer.


If you have a long drive ahead of you, need some entertainment while you are filling out spreadsheets, or just want something to entertain you while you are lying in the grass staring at the stars… give any of these a listen. I highly recommend you dig deeper into any of these series, as they will definitely infect you with a serious travel bug.